What is prehab and why is it important?

You’ve scheduled a surgery and you know that depending on the type of surgery you have, you will most likely have to complete some sort of rehabilitation/physical therapy after in order to fully recover. But have you heard of prehab? The word prehab is derived from the word ‘prehabilitation’ (which is short for ‘preoperative rehabilitation’), and it essentially describes a type of exercise that is most commonly employed before someone undergoes surgery (Wynter-Blyth, 2017). In PT we see patients for prehab to help with strength and endurance and to help relieve or manage pain pre-operatively.

The prehab program is typically an exercise therapy program started at least six weeks before surgery. An effective prehab program will ensure you maintain function in the face of even the most serious surgeries. Prehab stabilizes your pain levels before surgery and gets you back on your feet faster after surgery.

Surgery takes a huge toll on your body. Doing prehab and improving your strength can help you achieve your milestone goals post-surgery such as, walking, getting in and out of a car and returning to hobbies and sports or other activities that you used to enjoy!

Your key to success is combining prehab with post-op care.  Prehab sets the stage and allows for a smoother transition from surgery to rehabilitation.

If you or someone you know could benefit from prehab prior to an upcoming surgery, contact Be Fit Physical Therapy and Pilates for a free consultation.

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