What is Frozen Shoulder?

Frozen shoulder is a condition wherein your shoulder joint becomes stiff, causes pain, and limits joint mobility. It develops when the tissue of the joint capsule becomes inflamed and thickens over time, leading to restricted mobility and chronic pain. Causes can include trauma, existing medical conditions such as diabetes or thyroid disorders, or age-related joint wear.

The shoulder is a complex joint of three bones:

  • the humerus – the upper arm bone
  • the scapula – the shoulder blade
  • the clavicle – the collarbone

When the joint capsule is inflamed, scar tissue forms and restricts movement. This makes it difficult for your shoulder to move through a full range of motion. Pain, numbness, and weakness can also occur in the shoulder and arm.

The first sign of a frozen shoulder is usually a gradual onset of pain which may be mild at first but can increase over time and start to affect daily activities. The pain usually worsens at night and makes it difficult to sleep.

Treatment of a frozen shoulder depends on how long you’ve had it and the severity of your symptoms. Generally, physical therapy is recommended first to help with stretching and strengthening exercises. These can help reduce pain and improve mobility in your shoulder joint. In some cases, injections may be used as well. If the condition persists, surgery may be an option to help restore movement and reduce pain.

One-on-one treatments at Be Fit & Pilates Physical Therapy can help improve the range of motion and reduce the pain associated with a frozen shoulder. Our therapists will work with you to develop an individualized plan. We use hands-on therapies such as mobilizations, stretching, and soft tissue massage to reduce pain and stiffness in the area.

At Be Fit & Pilates, we understand how difficult a frozen shoulder can be to manage, so we’re here to help. Call 630-964-4008 to schedule an appointment with one of our licensed physical therapists.

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