Well-Being of Seniors

Physical well-being is vital for seniors, especially since their bones get brittle as they age. Seniors suffering from mobility issues or poor balance look for ways to assist them in addressing these problems.

Depending on the severity of pain or ailment, here are a few ideas to help seniors restore their physical functions:

• Light Exercise - doesn't have to be strenuous. A moderate amount should be helpful, like walking at a steady pace for a certain period.
• Mobility Devices - moving around using assistive devices such as canes or walkers can keep them safer and more independent.
• Physical Therapy- programs are usually designed to help increase flexibility and endurance, especially when seniors are recovering from illnesses or accidents. Contact the Be Fit Physical Therapy & Pilates team to learn more.
• Home Healthcare Services - health and medical professionals provide the highest level of care for older adults in the comfort of their own homes to improve their overall wellness and quality of life.

For seniors looking for home care, HomeCare.org created a few guides to discover home care, payment options, and know nearby providers in Illinois. Click below links to learn more: