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Relieve Tightness and Improve Flexibility

Tightness is common as you age. But you can gain flexibility and move just as well as you did when you were in your 30’s and 40’s. However, stretching to relieve tightness is not the only answer.

In our current healthcare system people are being told to go to Yoga, get a massage, or stretch everyday to relieve the tightness. Although these do help manage the tightness, it is commonly short-lived relief.

You can relieve tightness by addressing why you are tight in the first place.

Suffering With Muscle or Joint Tightness?

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Reasons stretching does not relieve tightness

  • Lumbar restrictions in L3-L5 causing hip capsular tightness and muscle atrophy in the lumbar spine.
  • Thoracic spine restrictions with hypermobility in the lumbar spine. This can cause pinching of the nerves in the low back and can really be painful.
  • Hip capsular tightness can cause hip, butt pain and make it difficult to sit for long periods or take long car rides.
  • Knee arthritis can cause weakness and tightness, limiting bending of the knee.
  • Ankle restrictions can cause tightness in the calf muscles
  • C1-C2 restrictions ( Top of the spine) and Thoracic restrictions can cause the shoulders/and upper neck tightness.
  • Arthritits of lumbar spine can cause am tightness that goes away after a little bit.
therapy for muscle and joint tightness
Therapists at Be Fit will assess your medical history and movements and physically assess the area of your complaint.