Shoulder Pain

shoulder pain physical therapy

Relief from shoulder pain without having to take medications, injections or potential surgery.

When people seek relief for shoulder pain, the next thing they want to know is what's causing it. Is it really the shoulder? Is it my neck, or is it the spine? Therapists at Be Fit will take care to distinguish the cause of the pain, whether it originates in the rotator cuff or glenohumeral joint, or whether the pain is referred from another part of the body. Then, we design an individualized program that addresses each patient's symptoms.

Suffering With Shoulder Pain?

It's time to address that shoulder pain, whether you need post-surgery rehabilitation or just want to address ongoing issues. Most insurances do not require a referral for your first visit.

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Benefits of Physical Therapy for Shoulder Pain

  • Reduced pain and inflammation.
  • Improved ability to perform your daily activities (brushing hair, getting dressed, reaching overhead).
  • See results in 3 treatments or we change your program.
  • Sleep Better.
  • Learn about how the pain can occur and how you can start the healing process.
  • Improved posture.
  • Reach overhead without pain.
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Our therapists work with you one-on-one to resolve your shoulder pain.