Knee Pain

knee pain therapy

Knee Joint Function

The knee is a large joint that carries the the body's weight. It also endures stresses multiple times as great as a person's weight.

While it's excellent at absorbing force during forward motions, it is not so great with stresses from twisting or side-cutting motions. That's why injures such as ACL and meniscus tears are often sustained by dancers and athletes making quick changes direction.

If not acute injures, then it's often overuse injuries that cause knee pain. Everybody can experience these injuries, not just dancers or athletes. Conditions such as patellofemoral syndrome develop overtime and can be attributed to job-related activities or hobbies.

Benefits of our knee pain program

  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Decrease pain when walking up/down stairs
  • Decrease pain with lunging and squats
  • Walk further without knee pain

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Common knee pain symptoms we treat successfully

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Hip and ankle tightness causing knee pain
  • Overpronation of ankle causing medial knee pain
  • Knee bone-on-bone treatments
  • Custom orthotics

For meniscus repair patients or patients anticipating total knee replacement or TKR rehab, physical therapy combats pain and teaches the body how to move in a way that minimizes ongoing pain. Furthermore, many patients who graduate from physical therapy even return to their prior functioning level or better!

How long before I can see some relief?

You will feel a difference within your first few treatments. The more chronic the injury is the longer the full recovery will be. It is best to seek treatment early to avoid chronic injuries that take longer to recover.

Be wary of…..

Physical Therapy clinics that do not provide one-on-one treatment that focuses on you as a whole person. You have an injury and your entire body reacts to fix itself. This can cause compensation and weakness. It is important that you are educated on how your body reacts to the injury and taught how to prevent re injury.

Why act now?

Incorrect movement is learned and becomes harder to correct the longer you wait. The effects become more difficult to fix too. Incorrect movement resulting from tight hips or thighs can aggravate joint deterioration. Granted, knee degeneration occurs naturally overtime, but seeing a physical therapist helps people avoid the needless aggravation.