Three Best Exercises for Heart Health

Creating an exercise routine is important for all ages to keep their muscles strong and flexible it is also a key to a healthy heart. Adding aerobic exercise, strength training and stretching into your workout can not only help prevent the risk of a heart attack and heart disease, but it can also help manage preexisting conditions.

  1. Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise is any activity such as: walking, running, swimming, dancing, bicycling, stair climbing are just a few examples of exercises that makes your heartbeat faster and increases your breathing rate more than at rest, which pumps oxygenated blood to your working muscles.

  1. Strength Training

Strength training is exercise tailored to specifically increase muscle strength through resistance training. Resistance can be in the form of weights, resistance bands, or through your own body weight with movements such as: Push-ups, pull-ups, lunges, steps ups, and Pilates are all great examples of exercises that incorporates your core while also strengthening the full body and helping flexibility.

  1. Stretching

Stretching is necessary before and after any workout to help decrease the risk of injury, while exercising helps your muscles and joints move to their full range of motion. Stretching also helps improve posture, balance, and helps to prevent muscle strains and stiffness.

Exercise is an important part of developing a healthy lifestyle. Starting off slowly and gradually increasing your physical activity intensity, frequency and duration is crucial for allowing your body to adapt to a new change in pace and prevent injuries. At Be Fit are certified Physical Therapists are here to help you reach your health goals and create the best program to create your best self.

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