The Holistic Treatment of Postpartum Body

Are you a birth professional looking to expand your skills when working with the postpartum population?

Be Fit Physical Therapy and Pilates will be hosting “The Holistic Treatment of the Postpartum Body” instructed by Lynn Schulte, founder of the Institute for Birth Healing.

This course offers a new and unique approach to assessment and treatment of the pelvis, abdomen and internal pelvic tissues for your postnatal moms. By understanding exactly what the body goes through for birth you will understand how to best heal it afterward. With this knowledge and the treatment skills learned in this class, you can effectively treat some common postpartum issues in as little as ONE SESSION! Imagine the relief moms will have after seeing you and how they will be singing your praises to all their mom friends. Your practice will grow exponentially as you become THE go-to expert for postpartum care.

What to expect

This course has been divided into a 2 day for professionals who can’t do internal work and a 3-day course for those that do internal work. (Please make sure you sign up for the correct option) In this course, you will learn tons of hands-on-skills to support your patients in a faster recovery from childbirth. You will be introduced to a new assessment technique utilizing the energy of the tissues to help inform you of the treatment needed for greater healing. Plus you will learn how to assess and mobilize the pelvic bones to release the common pattern the pelvis goes into for birth. The third day of the course will include all internal techniques to help get organs back in place and facilitate a stronger pelvic floor muscle contraction. This approach is perfect for any of your patients with low back or pelvic pain.

Why this course?

This class offers you a holistic approach to treating your clients. You will learn how to assess the bones, muscles, fascia, and energy of the body as related to childbirth. There is a common birth pattern the pelvis moves into when birthing a baby. You will learn how to help the pelvis release this pattern. The treatments learned in this class will help ensure you are more effective in helping your moms heal after birth.

By attending this course you will:

-Stand out in your community as the go-to-expert for postpartum related issues.
-Learn new assessment and treatment skills that you can apply to any client
-Be more effective in your treatment of postpartum women where you get results in as little as one session!
-Confidently and effectively implement your new skills as soon as you get back into the clinic on Monday.
-More effectively treat low back, sacroiliac joint dysfunction and pelvic pain in any patient.
-Helps moms enjoy intercourse again without pain
-Help moms heal Diastasis Recti and prolapse of pelvic organs faster and more effectively
-Plus how to teach core restrengthening to moms

Fri-Sat 8:30am-6pm
Sun 8am-4:30pm

$797 for 3 full days, April 22-24 (this includes internal instruction).
$597 for 2 full days, April 22-23 (if the provider does not perform internal work).
Make sure you sign up for the appropriate days via link below.

This course is offered to birth professionals, midwives, massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists, doctors of osteopathy, naturopaths, anyone who is licensed to do hands-on bodywork.

Register at this link:

Please register by April 1st.

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