The Effect of Pilates on Diabetes

Doctors recommend medication and physical activity to successfully manage blood glucose levels. It turns out that Pilates is an effective exercise for diabetes management.

A study conducted in Iran reported on the participation of women with Type 2 diabetes. Those who did Pilates for eight weeks reported better general health, lower disease symptoms, less anxiety, a better social outlook, and fewer symptoms of depression.

Other studies have also provided evidence of the positive effects of Pilates. One said that Pilates improved general health of women, and another found that it improved older women’s mental health by reducing anxiety.

Pilates also helps diabetics build lean muscle and better metabolize sugar.

Additionally, an advantage of doing Pilates is that people can do it with minimal risk of joint or muscle injury/damage. They can also practice it  in more convenient places than when doing other exercises. And people of all ages and various abilities can practice Pilates.

Like other diseases, managing diabetes is essential. This is especially the case for diabetes. Its long-term effects on all of the body’s systems—if left unchecked—are widespread. Unchecked, high blood sugar negatively effects circulation, digestion, sexual function, vision, sensation, the heart, and the kidneys.