The Death of Roger Ailes and Bathroom Safety

Roger Ailes with U.S. Army Gen. (Ret.) John F. Campbell. Source: Sgt. Christopher Tobey

The death of Roger Ailes reminds us of the need for bathroom safety for senior citizens, for whom falls are the number-one cause injury-related deaths. The former Fox News Chairman and CEO died on Thurs. May 18, 2017, because of head trauma from a fall in his bathroom.  Here are some tips to make bathrooms safer for older adults.

Floors Use non-skid floor mats on the bathroom floor, especially near the tub. If the bathroom is larger, consider using multiple mats, or non-slip socks. Last but not least, install safer floor tiles for longterm independent living.

Tub Install handrails in the stability during while entering or exiting the bathtub. Place a suction mat or non-slip strips inside the bathtub. DO NOT use towel racks as handrails.

Toilet Use a handrail or elevated seat to make standing from the toilet easier.

It is not known whether or not Mr. Ailes installed safety supports in his bathroom. He purchased his home a mere eight months ago, and photos of the mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, include a photo of a bathtub that could certainly use some safety modifications. This underscores the need for caution when traveling to unfamiliar places–or when moving into a new home. Make it a priority to make this space as safe as possible, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. The risks are too high. Be safe everybody.

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