The benefits of physical therapy for shoulder pain

Relief from shoulder pain without having to take medications, injections or potential surgery.
When people seek relief for shoulder pain, the next thing they want to know is what’s causing it.

Is it really the shoulder? Is it my neck, or is it the spine?

Therapists at Be Fit PT & Pilates in Downers Grove will take care to distinguish the cause of the pain, whether it originates in the rotator cuff or glenohumeral joint, or whether the pain is referred from another part of the body. Then, we design an individualized program that addresses each patient’s symptoms.

The comprehensive rehab program at Be Fit! Physical Therapy and Pilates treat a wide range of health issues, including shoulder pain. Your physical therapist will teach you about the source of the pain and how you can start the healing process.

Physical Therapy can help reduce the pain and inflammation and improve your ability to perform daily activities. Typically, patients see improvement in three therapy sessions! If you are not seeing improvement through physical therapy, your therapist will work to change your program to help you progress.

PT can help you sleep better, improve your posture, and help you regain the ability to reach overhead without pain.

Shoulder pain can lead to chronic injuries if you wait too long for treatment. The more chronic the injury, the longer it will take for a full recovery. Expect your progress to come in phases. In the first phase, you will notice improved mobility and decreased pain.

Our bodies have an amazing ability to fix themselves and prevent our brains from detecting pain. This can lead to myofascial bands that constrict activity and cause weakness and compensation to occur. The longer your body is fixing itself, the longer your recovery may take.

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