Laser treatment helped my pain!

After I took a tumble down my stairs, a bruise and lump appeared almost immediately on my upper leg. The next day I went to Be Fit PT in a world of hurt and Mary Lou taped the area and did a laser treatment. That whole next week, the depth of the blow surfaced – the lump grew and the bruise spread and darkened. But amazingly, where the tape was placed wasn’t as bad. Mary Lou retaped and did another laser treatment. This time I could really notice the pain relief from the laser. It was like a letting-go feeling. Hard to describe but I turned a corner. 1 week later, more tape and another laser treatment. Once again, the tape markedly cleared the bruising and the laser immediately provided even more relief. I really believe the laser treatments along with icing allowed me to not have to use ibuprofen or Tylenol. If you are dealing with pain I would definitely consult with Be Fit about laser treatments! Be consistent with them and you will be amazed!