Causes of Sports Injuries

football running back

A sports injury is any musculoskeletal condition caused during physical activity, sporting activity, aerobic activity, or exercise. A sports injury can be: muscle strain ligament sprain bone fracture tendon rupture Children, youth athletes, and college athletes are more likely to get a sports injury than older adults. Boys/men are more likely than girls/women to get…

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What’s Wrong With Manual Therapy?

We hear complaints from doctors that there’s such focus on exercise in physical therapy practice that manual therapy is often excluded. This is ironic given that Google returns 50,400,000 results from “manual therapy” searches. Plus, the results are positive, and large chains even advertise manual therapy. The reason for this is a mystique of sorts …

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Golf and Tennis Elbow

PT Translator 1.2 Tennis Elbow is a common golf injury. It’s the injury of the ECRB muscle (short for extensor carpis radialis brevis), which is the most active forearm muscle during golf swings. Forearm muscles rotate the forearm and bend the wrists during swinging motions. They also stabilize the wrist. Here we translate two examples…

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