I was a physical therapist assistant for 8 years before I began having trouble with my back and neck. It was then that  I discovered Reformer Pilates lessons. I was so glad that I found something that helped me continue functioning in work and in life. I also saw the potential of combining the Pilates Reformer with physical therapy in an outpatient clinic.

In 13 years of teaching Pilates Reformer sessions, my clients have seen a number of benefits in addition to pain relief:

  • improved posture
  • improved flexibility
  • develop lean muscle
  • more toned mid section
  • relieve back pain shoulder
  • improved balance
pilates reformer lessons downers grove

What is a Pilates Reformer?

The Pilates Reformer operates by spring resistance. Classes teach clients to strengthen core muscles, the shoulders, and lower extremities. Clients lie on a platform. They use a foot bar to stabilize lower extremities and a pulley attachment to strengthen shoulders and core muscles.

Through a progression of customized routines, Reformer classes also help clients to learn diaphragmatic breathing and pelvic alignment, which are critical to improving posture and stabilizing the core.

Class Description

One of my licensed Pilates Reformer instructors works with small groups. During a one hour session, clients learn to move and breathe the Pilates way while using this versatile piece of equipment. Small groups can be as small as two people but no more than five, and lessons last one hour.

Reformer Packages

Duets: $450 per person for 10 sessions, $875 per person for 20 sessions

Groups (3-5 people): $350 per person for 10 sessions, $650 per person for 20 sessions

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