Popular MELT Method Pain-Relief Classes Return

You’re not injured, and you don’t have arthritis. So why do you still have the WORST chronic pain? It may be that you have knotted connective tissue that needs some loosening.

Enter The MELT Method. Mary French will be facilitating a four-week series of classes starting at 7 pm on Thurs. February 15, 2018.

The MELT Method is a way for people to provide massage therapy on themselves. It’s like massage therapy in that it works on soft tissue. It’s like self-myofascial release in that it’s self-implemented, and yet, it’s focused on fascia instead of muscular blood flow, promoting fascia rehydration  through soft compression.

People who MELT (use The MELT Method) experience relief of aches and pains along with easier and less painful movement. And parents often claim that those aches and pains ascribed to aging don’t bother them as much.

Mary will teach some techniques and sequences that help with the lower back, legs, neck, and shoulders. She’ll even teach some techniques intended to hydrate facial muscles (as in, “a lovely face”) and promote a more youthful look.

Register for this very effective series by clicking here.

Still not sure MELT is right for you? Attend an introductory workshop.