Pilates Spine Corrector

The Pilates Spine Corrector also known as the Step Barrel is designed to focus on the core abdominal, back, and shoulder muscles. By stretching and working these muscles out with the specific Pilates exercises for the barrel, ‘humpback’ is shown to disappear and spine correction occurs. Additionally, the chest muscles are also worked out, which improves breathing for a better night of sleep and throughout the day.

The Pilates Spine Corrector/ Step Barrel can treat many other problems as well; scoliosis, osteoporosis, arthritis and many others. With strong core muscles, the body can be stable and move properly again, so why wait any longer to improve your back posture?

As we age, our backs lose the natural curvature of their spine. Whether it’s from a lack of physical activity, disease, or another disorder, there are a large amount of problems that a misshapen spine can lead to; bad back posture, breathing, and health can suffer from a misshapen spine. The good news is that posture correction can be attained through appropriate measures using the Pilates Spine Corrector.