Pilates Reformer

pilates reformer workout

Great for All Fitness Levels

The Pilates Reformer operates by spring resistance. The Reformer offers variable resistance, enabling a wide range of exercises that target specific muscle groups while promoting stability and flexibility. It allows for controlled and precise movements against resistance, aiding in building strength, improving alignment, and enhancing overall body control.

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Reformer Group Lessons

Sunday mornings 8:00am.
3-person minimum, 5-person maximum for each class.

Full body resistance training.

  • 10 Classes$365
  • 20 Classes$675

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The Pilates Reformer is a piece of equipment designed to merge science and fitness

The Reformer intricate system of springs, pulleys, and a sliding carriage offers adjustable resistance, fostering controlled movements that target muscles with precision. This apparatus leverages biomechanical principles, engaging multiple muscle groups simultaneously to enhance strength, flexibility, and stability. The reformer's adaptability caters to varying fitness levels, while its focus on proper alignment and controlled resistance ensures a holistic workout that maximizes the body's potential for optimal performance and rehabilitation alike.

mary lou savino on pilates reformer