Pilates Mat Class

pilates mat class downers grove

ImproveStrength, Posture and Flexibility

Pilates mat class focuses on bodyweight exercises performed on a simple mat, emphasizing core strength, flexibility, and alignment. Led by an instructor, participants engage in controlled movements targeting muscles in the abdomen, back, hips, and glutes. Through precise movements and breath coordination, these sessions improve posture, mobility, and body control. Pilates mat classes work for any fitness level.

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Mat Class Pricing

Saturday mornings, 9am. All levels full body core strengthening and flexibility Pilates.

  • 10 Classes$165
pilates mat class downers grove

The Remarkable Benefits of Pilates Mat Classes for Body and Mind

Strengthen your core, improve flexibility, and refine your posture through this dynamic practice. Pilates mat class promotes muscle tone, enhances body awareness, and offers a gateway to holistic well-being.