Meet Sally, Head Dachshu-huahua

Meet Sally, the newest member of our Team. Mary Lou adopted her from Lulu’s Locker Rescue in early November. Early feedback has it that Sally, a Chihuahua-Dachshund mix, is a dutiful worker. She always follows Mary Lou closely, and her skill at mauling a chew toy is refreshing to see! So while her performance is great, Sally’s interpersonal skills need improving. For one thing, she is shy but testy around hyperactive people. “This is a whole new life for her,” says Mary Lou in her defense, adding that she’s still dealing with the loss of her first mama. Sally gets along best with people, particularly women, who have doggie family members. Everyone else must be creative to get on her good side. (Treats seem to work well in that respect.)

All in all, we are so glad to have Sally on board and look forward to growing with her.

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