March Patient Spotlight: Paul

“A little 2 years ago I was feeling broken- torn rotator cuff, financial pressures of 4 kids, spiritually empty.A friend posted a picture of a broken bowl that was mended with gold in the cracks. The caption said, “Kintsugi Art- more beautiful for being broken.” I searched the web looking to buy one with no availability. That’s when I told my kids that we were going to learn how to make one ourselves.”

It turned out so well that Paul has created a website and started selling Kintsugi bowls online. 2 years later he and his children have sold over 2500 bowls, vases, and hope stones to 56 countries and counting.

One of Paul’s highlights so far was when the band, Death Cab for Cutie, used his website and message to help frame their last album and world tour named “Kintsugi”.

The link to Paul’s website:


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