Keep Young Athletes on Track With PT

High school sports are much more than just a game or a match. They are the pride of our community, an annual tradition and help bring people together.  With sports camps and more structured activities, young athletes today are increasingly likely to play their chosen sport year-round. But more time on the field brings a greater risk of experiencing sports-related injuries, with one in three children reporting an injury during a game or practice.

We want young athletes to excel and love their sports. That is why we have come up with tips on how to keep your athletes safe.

  • Get a preseason physical- A preseason or back-to-school physical is a great way to determine if your young athlete is fit to play.
  • Encourage cross-training- Changing up sports and the routine regularly, prevents for the same muscles to not be continuously overused.
  • Stress the importance of warming up- Properly stretching reduces athletes’ risk of injury while maximizing flexibility.
  • Make sure they rest- Athletes of all ages need to rest between practices, games, and events. A lack of sleep and muscle fatigue predispose an athlete to injury.
  • Recognize injury and get help early- If you notice a change in your athlete’s technique, encourage rest. If the problem persists, seek medical attention.

Be Fit has the expertise to work with athletes at all levels of skill and competitions and develop customized training programs to help them achieve their goals and help them stay safe and injury free. Our team can develop personalized treatments for high school athletes that are focused on sport-specific functions in order to maximize their performance and reduce risk of injury.

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