• Hurts Psoas Bad

    Hip, back, or knee pain can be a symptom of a muscular imbalance in these deep core muscles.

    The psoas muscles are part of a group of muscles called the hip flexors, which are part of the core muscles. As one of the muscle groups that connect your spine to your legs, the psoas has a big effect on mobility and posture.

    Lower back, hip, or knee pain is a symptom of an imbalanced, or “shortened” psoas. Imbalances are usually caused by short and tight or weak and overstretched psoas muscles.

    Activities that compress your hips can shorten the psoae and in turn cause back, hip or knee muscles to compensate for the imbalance. These activities include sitting, excessive running or walking, and excessive sit ups.

    Excessive walking motions can lead to tight/short psoas muscles.

    Treating Psoas Imbalance

    Consulting with or treatment by a physical therapist can provide you appropriate stretching or strengthening exercises based on what’s right for your body. A massage therapist can also.

    Other ways to deal with the shortened muscles are stretching and lengthening exercises for tight and short psoas. If the muscles are weak and overstretched, they may require strengthening movements.

    The constructive rest position releases tense psoae muscles.

    Try the constructive rest position. This neutral position can help release tension in your psoas. Try this rest position for 10 minutes a day:

    1. Lie on your back with your knees bent and heels on the floor
    2. Set your feet hip-width apart at a comfortable distance from your buttocks
    3. Don’t force your back to the floor, but simply rest your hands on your belly and let gravity do the work

    If you sit a lot, another way to combat shortened psoas is to get up and move often, and to practice good posture. If you must sit for a prolonged period—in the case of, say, going on a trip—consider sitting with a rolled-up towel under your sitting bones, which can release pressure in he psoae muscles.

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