How to Avoid Total Knee Replacement Surgery with The SMaRT Institute Knee Method and Be Fit Physical Therapy

BeFit, in conjunction with the The SMaRT Institute is hosting a presentation on the available treatments to avoid total knee replacement.  

Saturday, March 11th


Come and learn about the nonsurgical approaches and innovative technologies, that can help your body naturally heal your knee injuries.

About The SMaRT Institute: A pioneer in noninvasive, non-pharmaceutical approaches to healing and restorative medicine, the SMaRT Institute in Hinsdale, Illinois, focuses on enhancing the body’s ability to heal itself.  The doctors at The SMaRT Institute use regenerative medicine to treat a wide range of knee conditions and issues, from arthritis to sports injuries.

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About Be Fit Physical Therapy: Be Fit serves its patients by rehabilitating injury and improving their quality of life through physical therapy & integrative wellness programs. The Be Fit staff  empowers its patients to total wellness through education, healthy habits, fitness and well-being. Book your spot by calling 630-964-4008 or emailing