Pilates and Melt Method Workshop

Saturday, Jan 25, 2020

9:00am – 10:00am

The MELT Method is a simple self-treatment that can make your whole body feel better for vibrant health and pain-free movement.

We’ll use the MELT method to hydrate the fascia and then do PILATES to strengthen the core. Through the Pilates technique, you can actually re-train your body to move in safer, more efficient patterns of motion. In this double-feature workshop, you will:

✓ Experience how MELT provides relief from aches and pains
✓ Learn how to rehydrate the essential systems in our bodies with rollers and balls
✓ Feel how Pilates could aid in injury recovery, sports performance, good posture, and optimal health

Get the DOUBLE BENEFIT of learning both The MELT Method and the Pilates method!

Event Location

Core Life Eatery
1026 Ogden Ave.
Downers Grove, Illinois, 60515

Event Fees

Be Fit at Core Life Eatery