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Redfern Training Systems, Freedom From Pain Institute, Zion School of Massage in St. George, Wisconsin School of Massage Therapy

Licensed: Massage Therapist
Certifications: Massage Therapy, Medical Massage, Repetitive Use Injury Therapy, Vedic Thai 
Member: Bodywork & Massage Professionals, Inc.
Practicing Since: 1995

Julie has practiced massage therapy for 24 years. She is trained in medical and spa disciplines. This massage veteran has all of the right certifications and has studied with legends of her field such as Erik Dalton. However, Julie will be the first to admit that the bulk of her education has been "on my feet." Julie is passionate about massage. Before coming to Be Fit, she worked in medical, wellness, and spa settings. This Downers Grove native also ran her own practice for a few years. With her affable temperament, Julie approaches life with as much passion as she approaches massage. Outside of work, she loves studying up on medical texts, baking pies, scones, and bread, doing calligraphy, making wine, and hanging out with her kids and grandkids.