Senior Couple Benefits from Apparatus Pilates

If you have stopped by our clinic this summer, then you have probably seen Gordon and Linda taking a Pilates duet group class. Linda is 76, and Gordon is 77 years young! They live most of the year in Southwest Florida and spend five months in Wheaton—where they lived during their working years. It’s an inspiration to see the couple, married 55 years, demonstrating such energy and strength while using the Cadillac and Reformer machines (the duo referenced in “duet class”).

But rain falls on all of us, and Linda and Gordon have not been exempt. Gordon has had two knee replacement surgeries, and Linda had heart troubles four years ago. Before that, walking was a part of their fitness routine. After the health scare they hired a traditional trainer in Florida and began using weights in their exercises.

Eventually, Linda’s doctors told her that she needed to do more to maintain her heart health while in Illinois. Linda’s and Gordon’s philosophies on exercising differed during their search. “His philosophy has been, ‘if it doesn’t hurt, it’s not doing any good,’” she says.

Then, their daughter Melissa, who is in a business networking group with Be Fit owner Mar Lou, suggested Pilates. Gordon thought Pilates was a good idea, while Linda was hesitant. She would only take Pilates classes if Gordon took them with her. They’ve been taking duet group sessions since last summer.

“I’ve found that this is reasonably painless,” Linda says. “I have found a difference,” working with Pilates Cadillac and Reformer machines. She has experienced improvements in balance and flexibility. Ditto for Gordon, who golfs three times per week. “I like the ability to feel more flexibility in my golf swing,” he says.

Gordon and Linda have gone back to Florida. Perhaps they and their energy are responsible for taking all of our warm weather! Linda would deny having such powers, though. She simply wants to maintain functional health. “At our age, this is a lot more important than being able to leap tall buildings.”

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