Chronic Pain Caused by Daily Habits

The way we move and live everyday can cause our chronic pain. If you’re a couch potato, you adopt a slouching posture. The phrase “text neck” followed the advent of mobile devices. Our bodies seem more suited to doing some things than others; think grasping a ball versus typing on a keyboard. Being mindfully aware of these habits and acting to balance them are key to combating pain.

Mary Lou Savino explains how to realign the spine before doing a comprehensive neck stretch.

But for a lot of us, the pain from nerve-muscle pathways sets in subtly overtime. Sedentary habits and incorrect movement result in engrams, which are ways of moving that become engrained in the body. Much like riding a bike, the body becomes accustomed to a certain resting position or movement pattern. Then, no matter how we try to straighten our backs or to change our gait, we still cannot avoid the pain. It can feel awkward, uncomfortable or even painful to try and change the way our bodies move.

physical therapy infographic

The physical therapy process captures pain and allows the body to thrive.

Like sudden injuries, which cause acute pain, injuries related to chronic pain can be relieved by pain medication or surgery. However, doctors and researchers have come to a consensus: Non-addictive and noninvasive treatments are best for certain ailments and for chronic pain.

Indeed, they see physical therapy as an ideal noninvasive option. Through the physical therapy process, licensed professionals provide education, coaching and physical conditioning that improves posture, proprioception, flexibility, and strength.