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How Pilates Can Help Battle Allergies and Illness

pilates helps allergies and illness

Research suggests that homeopathic methods can help lessen allergic symptoms such as inflammation. Consider a natural approach if allergy medicines leave you experiencing side effects like drowsiness, fatigue, headache. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you may feel like you’ve tried everything to relieve your symptoms. Pilates can help reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and strengthen…

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Deep Core Breathing and Pain Relief

pilates philosophy on breathing

The core muscles play a more active role in breathing than one might think, while the lungs play passive and equally important role. That’s why it pays to be aware of how we use our core muscles. One important payoff is pain relief. Add mindfulness to a natural process Deep breathing is, of course, deep…

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Pilates and Total Knee Replacement

Doing Pilates following total knee replacement has a number of benefits. These include improved function, strength and balance. Within a physical therapy framework, total knee patients get care tailored to their needs throughout the post-surgery phase. Medical professionals agree that moving ASAP after injury improves prognosis. This “early mobilization” principle applies to TKR patients as…

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Preventing Neck Pain During Exercise

If we are not careful, the wrong neck posture during exercise can lead to discomfort or injury. Key to preventing injury are maintaining a neutral spine and perfecting the head nod for curling exercises. Also, everyday inattention to posture can worsen cervical posture to the point of dysfunction. At that point, certain exercises become off…

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Five Pilates Exercises for Balance

pilates leg circles

Balance exercises and exercises for balance are key parts of a fitness regimen. What’s the difference? Well, we haven’t found a distinction in the research literature. However, we use balance exercises in therapy to treat vestibular disorders or balance issues from other causes. These involve the use of unstable surfaces and other modalities. On the…

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Schedule your Private Pilates Lesson

Be Fit Physical Therapy and Pilates offer Private Pilates lessons using the Pilates equipment (Cadillac, Reformer, Chair and Barrels).  A great way to get in shape for the summer! Call the schedule your one-on-one session.  Immediate openings available! 630-964-4008

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Improve Balance in Seniors With Pilates

Pilates improves balance in seniors. It strengthens soft tissue of the lower extremities that normally decline with age. How Pilates improves balance musculature Pilates is a system of mainly bodyweight resistance exercises. These exercises can be done on an exercise mat or on special equipment that offers spring resistance. With its focus on controlled activation…

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The Effect of Pilates on Diabetes

Doctors recommend medication and physical activity to successfully manage blood glucose levels. It turns out that Pilates is an effective exercise for diabetes management. A study conducted in Iran reported on the participation of women with Type 2 diabetes. Those who did Pilates for eight weeks reported better general health, lower disease symptoms, less anxiety,…

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Pilates Exercises With Fun Names And Serious Benefits

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Senior Couple Benefits from Apparatus Pilates

If you have stopped by our clinic this summer, then you have probably seen Gordon and Linda taking a Pilates duet group class. Linda is 76, and Gordon is 77 years young! They live most of the year in Southwest Florida and spend five months in Wheaton—where they lived during their working years. It’s an inspiration…

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