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Five Pilates Exercises for Balance

pilates leg circles

Balance exercises and exercises for balance are key parts of a fitness regimen. What’s the difference? Well, we haven’t found a distinction in the research literature. However, we use balance exercises in therapy to treat vestibular disorders or balance issues from other causes. These involve the use of unstable surfaces and other modalities. On the…

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Improve Balance in Seniors With Pilates

Pilates improves balance in seniors. It strengthens soft tissue of the lower extremities that normally decline with age. How Pilates improves balance musculature Pilates is a system of mainly bodyweight resistance exercises. These exercises can be done on an exercise mat or on special equipment that offers spring resistance. With its focus on controlled activation…

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Falling: Manage The Risk Factors

Several factors combine to make falling in the home more likely. Here’s a shortlist of them, along with some suggestions on reducing the risk of falling. They can be divided into two categories: those physical therapists can help to relieve, and those that require the help of another medical professional. Muscle weakness Musculoskeletal conditions such…

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How Physical Therapy Helps Parkinson’s Disease

Physical therapy may help delay the decline of motor skills in people living with Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s disease, a degenerative brain condition, presents with a number of symptoms. Tremors are the most prominent symptom of the disease. While other movement related signs and symptoms exist, others related to the mind (thinking) and mood (depression) are…

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Is Their Dizziness Caused by Vestibular Imbalance?

While dizziness and balance impairment increases with age, it’s important to watch out for those same problems in children and to rule out underlying conditions. A survey conducted by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) sheds light on the risk factors associated vestibular impairment in children in the United States. The…

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Balance Tests Let Seniors Know if They Are at Risk for Falls

There is no single cause for falls but rather multiple risk factors that  combine to increase the chances of a fall. Take these simple tests to see how your muscle strength, one of the risk factors, compares with the average person in your age group. You may want to have someone nearby to watch/time you…

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The Death of Roger Ailes and Bathroom Safety

The death of Roger Ailes reminds us of the need for bathroom safety for senior citizens, for whom falls are the number-one cause injury-related deaths. The former Fox News Chairman and CEO died on Thurs. May 18, 2017, because of head trauma from a fall in his bathroom.  Here are some tips to make bathrooms safer…

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