Bodyweight Support Allows Safe Reloading Following Knee Injury, Surgery

It’s unfortunate that many people stop being active because of lingering pain from an injury or surgery.

To help our patients battle this aspect of human nature, we purchased a body-weight support machine in January to provide better rehab to our patients.

The “machine” is actually a bungee-and-rack setup around the treadmill. The Lightspeed, as it is called, can reduce as much as 45 pounds’ worth of force on joints, allowing patients to ease back into walking and running.

It’s ideal for runners and people recovering from joint surgery or knee injury.

People can use this machine to:

  • Lessen the effect of instinctual muscle guarding and promote normal striding
  • Return to running after being away for any length of time
  • Train for improved gait for everyday walking
  • Begin a walking or running program with fewer setbacks

Lightspeed is easy to use. It’s comfortable and easily set up. When strapped in, there’s no sense in the patient that he/she is loosing contact with the ground.