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Keep Young Athletes on Track With PT

High school sports are much more than just a game or a match. They are the pride of our community, an annual tradition and help bring people together.  With sports camps and more structured activities, young athletes today are increasingly likely to play their chosen sport year-round. But more time on the field brings a…

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3 things to know about hip flexors

The hip flexors are a group of muscles located on the front top of your thigh in the pelvic area, and allow you to flex your hips and bend your knees to your hips. The hip flexor muscles play an important role in your ability to move around and stabilize yourself. Here are 3 things…

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Keep Running Injuries at Bay

The weather is nicer every day, which may lead you to take your workout to the road. Now whether you are an avid runner or just out for a casual jog, everyone is at risk for the same common injuries if they aren’t careful. One of the most common injuries is the frustrating and painful…

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What is mobility and why is it important?

Mobility is one of the most important aspects of physical activity. It is important to focus on your mobility as a key to maintaining overall health, regardless of your fitness level and goals. Mobility — the ability to move or walk freely and easily — is critical for functioning well and living independently. If you…

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Relieve sciatica pain with physical therapy

There is no one cause for back pain. Sciatica, which is also known as sciatic neuralgia, is a condition that causes pain in the low back, down the back of the leg and into the foot. Many people experience the pain of sciatica, but never achieve a long-term solution. An untreated sciatic condition can continue…

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The benefits of stretching and why it feels so good

Without realizing it, many of us start our day by stretching before we even get out of bed. Involuntary stretching of your muscles is called pandiculation. It’s a behavior seen in most types of animals to relieve muscle tension. Few activities feel better after a period of inactivity than stretching. Stretching reduces your risk of…

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Overcoming shoulder impingement

A sharp, sudden pain in your shoulder when you lift your arm overhead or backward can indicate shoulder impingement. Shoulder impingement is a common cause of shoulder pain, and commonly associated with swimmers and baseball players, but previous shoulder injuries and aging are also risk factors. In most cases, shoulder impingement is caused by overuse.…

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