April Patient Testimonial: Glenn

Thank you for the patience and kindness you displayed to me during my physical therapy sessions. This was my first time in attending physical therapy sessions and since I was involved in a rear end auto accident, my neck and shoulders were really sore and painful all day. Once I started  my first PT session with your excellent staff a few weeks ago, my neck, back and shoulders started to give me less pain. Neil, Montel, and Natalie were very helpful in helping me do the exercises and Larissa massaged my neck muscles to loosen up the tightness and pain. I still wake up in the morning with some discomfort but I am able to do the neck exercises to start my day.

I sincerely appreciated the friendly conversation between the staff and myself. It helped me to participate in the exercises without thinking about how much exercising I was actually doing. It was also very interesting about all of our cultural backgrounds as we spoke during my PT sessions. I am of Asian decent and my father migrated to America from China in 1939. He left China to come to America to provide a better life for our family and he worked in a laundry and restaurant. He educated himself by going to night school while working two jobs daily. He was able to transport my Mom and three older brothers to Chicago in 1949 and continued to support them by working three jobs. In 1953, my father was able to participate in an Asian food specialty manufacturer which became our family business. Thank you again for your excellent service in helping me to return to a better condition of my health.


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