About Be Fit! Physical Therapy & Pilates

Our Story

Be Fit was opened in 2008 as an integrated Physical Therapy & Pilates center. I became a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant in 1992 but my background also included being a fitness instructor and personal trainer.

I found Pilates in 1999 and fell in love, so I became a certified Pilates instructor as well and quickly realized that Pilates was very much a rehabilitative and corrective form of exercise and could see the potential for using it in PT for orthopedics, neuromuscular issues, sports and athletics, functional activities and pelvic and core stabilization.

Once I saw the results of incorporating Pilates into PT I kept using it more and more for the rehabilitation of my patients and clients for all kinds of conditions and diagnoses. The applications seemed endless.

Mary Lou Savino, owner Be Fit Physical Therapy & Pilates

Our Mission

To serve people by rehabilitating injury and improving their quality of life through physical therapy & integrative wellness programs.

Our Vision

Empowering people to total wellness through education, healthy habits, fitness and well-being.

Our Values


Balance and dizziness therapy

Having a varied background in both PT and fitness made me really want to work more and more in an integrated approach towards PT. I slowly started adding fitness and wellness into Be Fit because I could see that every person had different needs and combining different approaches really helped people to rehabilitate but also helped them to maintain for a better quality of life.

We now incorporate multiple services into our physical therapy programs for a truly integrated plan of care that’s customized to each person who comes to us for an innovative approach to physical therapy, fitness, and wellness.

It’s what we call the Be Fit Formula and everybody’s formula is specific to their needs, wants and goals! That’s what makes us different.

What’s your Be Fit Formula? Come find out!

If you are looking for a creative and inspired experience, come in and see us for your Be Fit Formula!