3 things to know about psoas pain

low back pain

The psoas muscle runs from the front part of the low back (lumbar spine) and crosses over the hip joint and is often referred to as a part of your hip flexor muscles.

Your psoas muscle can become tight, resulting in low back pain. When you injure this muscle, it can result in psoas syndrome.

Psoas syndrome is typically treated with physical therapy to stretch and strengthen the muscle. Here are 3 things to know about psoas pain.

  1. Psoas syndrome is a rare condition, but athletes are at a higher risk. Runners and those who do plyometric jumping exercises like jumping rope have an increased risk due to their type of activities using this muscle. Symptoms of psoas syndrome vary, but include lower back pain, difficulty or pain when trying to stand fully upright, pain radiating down the leg, groin pain or limping when you walk. Many of these symptoms mirror other issues, which makes psoas syndrome commonly misdiagnosed.
  2. Physical therapy is the best treatment for psoas pain. Exercises that strengthen the psoas muscle will help the body repair the injury. With proper treatment and exercises, people who suffer from this condition will regain full range of motion. The experienced therapists at Be Fit Physical Therapy & Pilates in Downers Grove will make a full body assessment and use pain-relieving stretches and exercises to treat this condition. Strengthening and lengthening the muscle is key to ensuring the psoas trigger points are not reactivated.
  3. You can prevent psoas pain with good stretching before and after activity. Stretching the muscles on the hip and thigh reduces muscle tension in these areas, and therefore reduces the stress on the psoas muscle. Stretch your hip flexor, hamstrings, and quadriceps well after activities like running. A foam roller will also help increase your range of motion, flexibility, and mobility. Foam rolling also boosts your circulation and lymphatic flow for optimal function.

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