• Pilates Instructor Explains Passion for Whole Foods

    Audra, one of our new Pilates instructors, is crucial to our team. She is a certified group fitness instructor, Zumba instructor, and Peak Pilates instructor. In fact, this month she will take an exam in pursuit of the next level of her Pilates certification.

    Audra is also quite the cook. She makes homemade meals for her family as much as possible, and it’s not just because she loves to eat.

    One of the reasons Audra cooks daily is because that’s how she was raised. A native of Joniskis, Lithuania, much of the food she ate came straight from nearby farms. “I am very lucky to know where food comes from,” she says. She ate fresh bacon and drank fresh milk, and her grandparents taught her gardening. Also, she developed a passion for baked goods from a bakery near her primary school. She would go during lunchtime and buy melt-in-your-mouth pastries for five cents a piece. It’s no wonder that she bakes her own rye bread.

    Another reason Audra is very hands-on with cooking is more serious. Eight years ago, her daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. The news startled and upset the family. That was when “our journey of finding answers on how to stop disease began,” she says. “I found out and realized so much about unhealthy food and the type of junk that is sold at stores and so on. This illness opened a new page to a healthy way of eating.”

    She and her family have tried veganism and vegetarianism. Now she jokes that she has an addiction to greens and vegetables. “I really want to find the right way of eating.”

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