• Pilates and Total Knee Replacement

    While discussing the topic of total knee replacement, every PT is aware of the need for early and constant mobilization following surgery. The Pilates equipment provides many options for encouraging early range of motion using passive stretching and PNF stretching techniques with the assistance of the spring resistance. The exercises encourage both flexion and full extension in a variety of body positions, and the tension of the springs can vary from approximately 20 pounds to 170 pounds.

    One of the Pilates apparatus called the Cadillac uses a push-through bar that allows the patient to lie in supine with the feet elevated. The Pilates Combo Chair offers both seated and standing positions, and the Pilates Reformer offers both sidelying and supine options similar to a lying leg press.

    With the use of Pilates equipment, it is possible to create multiple exercises to allow the patient comfort, support, and varied functional activities for a creative therapeutic exercise program geared to mobilization, whether it is early or late in the rehabilitation process. Not to mention that it reduces the stress to the PT, who may have to do much of this mobilization manually.

    Physical Therapy Products, July 2010

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