Physical Therapy Telehealth in Downers Grove, Illinois

What are virtual visits and how can they help you?

For those of you who need to opt out of doing your physical therapy in the facility and yet are in need PT services, we now have a solution for you. Virtual physical therapy visits are now approved for use in Illinois. We recognize that it is not the same as in-person physical therapy. Yet, it is a great way to help you recover from your injury while you are unable to come into the clinic. As stated below, if you have any questions about this, please contact us at 630-964-4008.

Here is how virtual visits work:

Each session will last about 30-60 minutes depending on your specific needs. During the session we will get an update on your condition and progress your program just like in a normal PT session. We will have you go through your exercises with 1-on-1 instruction and correction if needed.

The treatment will be conducted using video conferencing (e.g., FaceTime). This can take many forms, but this is explained in detail below.

We encourage you to call our number 630-964-4008 to see if a virtual visit is for you.

Now for the video conferencing part…

You can use any form of video conferencing that you are most comfortable with. There is no shortage of options at your disposal.

  • Facetime, if you are an Apple smartphone user, is probably the easiest.
  • Skype is also a great way to get in contact with your PT. Here is the page to visit if you want to use skype:
  • The next easiest seems to be Zoom.

If you are comfortable using another tool, please let us know and we will be happy to accommodate you.

Ready to sign up? Call us, or continue to read our FAQ’s…….

Frequently asked questions

  1. Will my insurance pay for these treatments?  In accordance with Governor J.B. Pritzker’s exectutive order, insurances have approved virtual visits for physical therapy. However some insurances work differently than others. Please call 630-964-4008 to check specific details regarding your insurance.
  2. Can I do the the virtual visit with my phone? Tablet? Computer? Yes. Pick any device you feel most comfortable with.
  3. Will I need equipment to do my treatment at home? Most of our sessions do not require lots of equipment. We can modify treatments based on what you have available. If you need equipment we have the following available for sale and curbside pickup: Lacrosse balls—$8. Theraband of various colors (strengths)—$5. Resistance loops—$12. Pilates ring—$35. Stability balls—$30-$35 depending on size. Foam rollers—$20. Stretch-out straps—$25. Pulleys—$12.
  4. Can I do an initial evaluation (first treatment) at home? No. As of right now our virtual visit would require you to come in and do your initial evaluation in our office, but this is still evolving. The insurance companies may decide to allow initial evaluations over video conference/phone call. don’t worry; you can call us to learn about the safety precautions we are taking to guard against the transmission of COVID-19.
  5. This is confusing? Can I just talk to someone over the phone and have them walk me through this? Of course. Please call 630-964-4008. We will get you in touch with someone on our virtual-visit Task Force to help you out.
  6. How do I know if I should be doing this or if I qualify? What conditions does this apply to? This is for all of our patients who are unable to come in person for physical therapy due to pre-existing conditions that put them at increased risk of mortality from COVID-19.
  7. What if I have questions? Can I still call and ask questions? Yes! You can always call our office (630-964-4008), and one of our therapists will be able to answer any questions you have about your program.
  8. Can I still get a printout of exercises I am supposed to be doing at home for the days I don’t see my therapist? Yes, as long as we have your email we can put it into our system and it will automatically be emailed out to you.
  9. Does it have to be a video call or can it just be a phone call? It does have to be a video call or we are not able to watch you with your exercises which is a must to ensure proper treatment and to make sure that you are not doing things that could negatively affect your movement. We can do a phone visit if you for those who do not have the technology or are technologically challenged.
  10. You normally put hands on me/do manual therapy. How is this going to be accomplished? This is where having a lacrosse ball, foam roller or a stretch-out strap can become very important . The can have effects similar to hands-on therapies. During the virtual, we will teach you how to do some self soft tissue work. It can be quite effective to use.
  11. How will you be able to teach me new exercises without actually being there? Just like at therapy we will use certain cues that we normally use in the office to help you better understand the exercises. Since it is a video we are able to monitor your movements and demonstrate the movements for you before you actually do them. We will work together with you to ensure exercises are performed appropriately, and if you are having difficulty completing an exercise we can modify it to your needs.