• Metabolic Age Answers Why You Haven’t Been Feeling Like Your Old Self

    Our spring Mind Core Body session begins Tues. April 4th, and participants in the nutritional wellness portion, called IN.FORM,  will get the info, how-to and support to change their body’s metabolic function and lower their age—metabolic age that is. But what is metabolic age?

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    The body’s metabolic process, among other things, uses good bacteria in the digestive system to clear out substances that are harmful to our bodies.

    A metabolic age equal to or less than chronological age is desirable, while a higher metabolic age, or “slow metabolism,” is associated with higher weight and other undesirable health numbers. It’s similar to the Real Age that Dr. Oz talks about. They both compare chronological age with an amalgam of factors that determine that internal age. Yet, IN.FORM differs by focusing on nutrition and gut health .

    If you’re struggling with your weight, chances are that you haven’t felt like your old self. Dieting can help to an extent, but if your metabolism is inefficient, diet won’t work no matter how hard you try, and any weight lost may be short lived.

    So those are two cents from Downer Deb, but the good news is that IN.FORM participants will get tailored nutritional advice from a certified health coach. They will learn how to keep the weight off and put their knowledge to use with the support of other motivated classmates.

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