• IN.FORM Student-Turned-Coach Details Her Successful Weight Loss

    Robin Lang is a certified health coach who is teaching the nutritional wellness classes for our Mind Core Body program. Here she writes about her success being coached in IN.FORM.

    I am a 56-year-old workaholic!  I work 2 full-time jobs and have always put everyone else first. My entire life I slept approximately 3 hours a night maximum. I have always had a weight problem not eating properly. No vegetables, rarely a meal. You could say I was a grazer. Except I lived on junk food and candy LITERALLY! I did not exercise and made no time for myself.

    When I turned 50 things got worse.  I gained even more weight, had continuous heartburn to the point I would take a Pepcid every morning without fail.  The palms of my hands began to blister, itch and peel along with a red extremely itchy rash on my legs, and I felt sluggish and horrible all day. It seemed like I was falling apart quickly!

    A good friend signed me up for a class with Nature’s Sunshine [the creator of IN.FORM].  I took the plunge and did the entire 13-week program with Linda, my coach, guiding me every step of the way.  Without her coaching I would have never been able to accomplish what I have.  I lost 28 pounds and lowered my metabolic age of 64 down to 39!  I no longer have that itchy rash; hands are clear, no blisters, and I no longer take Pepcid. I have dropped several pant sizes, from size 14 size 8. I am now much healthier, happier and sleeping on average 7 hours a night. I eat my meals and healthy snacks properly, and since starting the program, I have had NO candy.  Which is amazing being I lived on it for 56 years!

    It is so wonderful to hear the nice comments from friends and colleagues on how wonderful I look and to be called skinny.  Never in my life has the word skinny been used to describe me.

    My husband is my biggest supporter and tells me daily how great I look and that my skin is so soft and has a healthy glow now. Due to my success, my husband has also started the NS [Nature’s Sunshine] kit to get gut healthy and lower his cholesterol. So it is now our family way of life.

    This journey was a life change for me and a fabulous one at that. I could not have done it without the support and accountability from all the wonderful people I met on my journey.  Linda and NS will always be a big part of my new, healthy lifestyle.

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