• Free Physical Therapy Exams for Healthcare Professionals for National Nurses Week 2017

    Nursing facilities and hospitals experience the second and 13th highest incidents of non-fatal workplace injuries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many of those are injuries are related to direct care of patients. That’s why we’re dedicating National Nurses Week 2017 to healthcare professionals. From Mon. May 8th through Fri. May 12th of Nurses Week, we will be providing free exams for healthcare workers experiencing back pain, hip pain, neck pain-you name it.

    Be Fit is the place where you can pursue your wellness goals, and wellness means not waiting to see if things will get better. Think of what would happen if your pain turned into something serious. It could happen, just like it happened to Be Fit owner Mary Lou Savino. She experienced pain while working at a skilled nursing facility but made the unfortunate choice to ignore her it. Since recovering from her injury, she has dedicated herself to helping others achieve wellness. She is a big advocate of taking time to take care of yourself. That way you can continue making others’ lives better. Schedule your free exam now for your stubborn, obnoxious pain! Call the (630) 964-4008 or click the link below.

    Be Fit Nurses Week 2017 Week of Free Exams Flyer

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