• Four Reasons Santa Claus Needs Physical Therapy

    Exhausted Santa rubbing his backside

    Legend has it that Santa Claus flies around the world on a reindeer-drawn sleigh. He steps down from the sleigh, climbs into chimneys, stuffs stockings on fireplace mantels, stoops to place gifts, slings his bag of gifts over his shoulder, climbs back up the chimney, steps up into his sleigh and flies off. Over and over again. All around the world at break-neck speed.

    Santa is a busy, magical man. But a man he is. Do you think he has some occupational health issues? Like most selfless individuals, he has devoted all of his magic to making children smile and none to himself. [Sigh]

    We’re going to hazard a guess at some pain that Santa is likely experiencing. Read on for an explanation, along with some strengthening/stretching exercises that may help. If they don’t, he should see his doctor or a physical therapist.

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