• Five Minute Fat Burners

    *Jump rope as fast as you can: 68 calories* *Do walking lunges down the hallway: 45 calories* *Run around the block: 62 calories* *Shovel snow: 34 calories* *Switch on the Wii for some Zumba® action: 45 calories* *Pick up the pace while grabbing a few things at the grocery store: 22 calories* *Vacuum the biggest room in your house: 20 calories* *Rock out to your favorite song while waiting for the pasta water to boil: 26 calories* *Challenge your guy or kids to a snowball fight: 34 calories* *Power through a few sets of jumping jacks: 45 calories* *Walk up and down the stairs: 36 calories* *Speed clean your kitchen: 23 calories* *Jog in place while waiting for your nails to dry: 45 calories* *Go for a quick sled run down the nearest hill: 40 calories* *Bounce on a stability ball during the commercials: 58 calories* *Sample one of the free workouts on the New Pilates app you downloaded from iTunes: 20 calories* *Take on any challengers for a game of Ping-Pong: 23 calories* *Do as many push-ups as you can: 45 calories*

    Health Magazine, December 2011

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